SIO 233: Introduction to Computing at SIO, Fall 2012

Peter Shearer (x42260,
Website for class at

We meet MWF from 10 to 10:50 in the IGPP Munk Lab Conference Room.

There will be no final. Grades will be based on homework.

To participate, you should install on a Mac:
gfortran (64-bit version) (also see NetOps wiki)
XCode: Macs Developer's environment. Click on the "Mac Dev Center". You will have to register with Apple to get this....
Enthought Python Distribution
Fink (not needed except may help to install GMT!)
A plain text editor, i.e., TextWrangler or NEdit

Macs are recommended. You should all have accounts on the IGPP server. This lets you login to Barnyard computers, such as Within UCSD, you can remotely login to grunt from a terminal window using, for example:
ssh -l yourloginname
Outside UCSD, you will need to use VPN to get access to the campus networks. For information, see:
If you have a Windows computer, you might try these instructions for remote login to the IGPP Mac server.

Homework (all are due at midnight on last day)
UNIX (due Wed. Oct. 10)
Fortran F1 (due Fri. Oct. 12)
GMT 1 (due Mon. Oct. 15)
Fortran F2, F3, F4 (due Wed., Oct. 17)
Fortran F5 (due Fri., Oct. 19)
Fortran F6 (due Mon., Oct. 22)
Fortran F8 (due Wed., Oct. 24)
Fortran F10 (due Fri., Oct. 26) Click for link to datetime.f
Fortran F11 (due Mon., Oct. 29)
Fortran F12 and F13 (due Mon., Nov. 5) (NO CLASS ON WED and FRI, OCT 31 and NOV 2)
F15 (due Wed., Nov. 7), Click for link to scsn.phase.dat
F18, TTT1 (due Fri., Nov. 9)
TTT2, TTT3 (due Wed., Nov. 14)
TTT4 (due Fri., Nov. 16)
F19, F20 (due Mon., Nov. 19)
Python P1, P2 (due Wed., Nov. 21)
TTT5, Python P3, P4 (due Wed., Nov. 28)
Lisa P6, Click for SPECMAP.dat (due Fri., Nov. 30)
TTT7 (due Fri., Dec. 7)
Tic-Tac-Toe tournament--Monday, Dec. 10, 10-11 am

Check out these keys to optimal tic-tac-toe strategy going first and going second. Not sure how much they will help because coding all that information looks like a pain.

Notes and other material
Class notes (PDF)