Here's more from my collection:


This photo of my old roomate Brian was used by the punk band Blink-182 on their first cd "Chesire Cat". I lived with Brian and Blink's guitarist, Tom Delonge, in a San Marcos apartment. We put Brian inside a cardboard box with his legs sticking out the back. This shot was done in our dinning room. Brian popped the lenses out of his sunglasses and smeared vaseline on his face to make himself shiny. And of course, he's wearing a wig. Brian currently has this great job testing video games for Bally-Midway.

Here's me in my truck on the I-5. My tripod mounted camera (17mm lens)was sitting shotgun and I used my remote shutter release to open the lens for about a minute long exposure. With my right hand I popped the flash with a blue filter and then a red filter and managed to not crash into anyone. I have a similar picture in slide format where a few of my friends and I dressed up as clowns and took driving shots. I mounted the tripod on the hood of my car with rope and duct tape and strung the shutter release cable in through the window. About a minute after pulling away from my apartment a cop pulled us over. He saw the tripod on the hood and thought it might obstruct my visibility. But then he saw us dressed in clown outfits with face paint and all. I gave him some excuse about it being a photo project for UCSD! He recommended we stop and go home. We were to amped up to quit and continued driving aroud taking long exposures. The images look cool and I'll post them when I can get access to a slide scanner.

I used to skateboard everyday until I broke my shoulder by falling about 13 feet while doing a backside-air on a vert ramp (in 1992). This photo of my friend Dan Rogers was taken a few years ago. Dan skateboards everyday for a living (he has a board sponsor, shoe sponsor and clothing sponsor). We were at a school in La Jolla for this shot. The back light in the picture is a slave flash. It has a photocell on it that detects the instance when my on camera flash goes off and it sychronously fires itself. The trick Dan is doing is called a kick-flip. He rides up the embankment and makes his board flip 360 and then lands on it and rides back down backwards.

I went to Paris in 1995 and saw this great show at the Pompidou. I've since forgotten who the artist is (my apologies). I used ISO 800 film and a 17mm lens.

This is the Palm Spring Oasis in Anza Borrego. I used a red colored filter over a Quantum Q-flash to get the foreground exposed. The hill behind the oasis was lit up using a 1,000,000 candle power search light. The beam on the search light is pretty narrow so I had to pan it from side to side for about five minutes to get an even exposure.

There was a full moon behind me during this lengthy exposure taken atop the Carrizo Badlands Overlook in Anza Borrego State Park. (the exposure duration can be calculated from the arc length of the star trails).

Here's an SX-70 polariod taken while camping in Joshua tree with my friends. This is actually an outake from a series of fake UFO shots. I sat up on the boulders about 100 feet away while Cam suspended a pot-lid in front of the camera. We never ended up sending the pictures to the Weekly World News.

Here's another SX-70 polariod. I shot this last summer while doing an environmental geophysical survey over a waste burial pit outside of the old plutonium processing plant at Los Alamos, New Mexico. They told us it was safe!